Self-Paced Training Course

Designed for users at any level, this self-paced online training course has something to offer both the new and experienced RSMeans Online users. If you're new to RSMeans Online, you'll come away with the skills you need to start using it for faster, better project estimating. Seasoned RSMeans Online users will hone their skills, master techniques that can save time and boost accuracy, and get up-to-speed with advanced functionalities.


Introduction - Welcome & About RSMeans

  • Video #1: Welcome!
  • Introduction Documentation
  • Video #2: About RSMeans
  • Quiz: Introduction

Lesson #1: Getting Started with

  • Documentation: Getting Started with
  • Video: Getting Started & Setting Preferences
  • Quiz: Getting Started & Setting Preferences

Lesson #2: Searching the Data

  • Searching the Data Documentation
  • Video: Searching the Data
  • Quiz: Searching the Data

Lesson #3: Managing Estimates

  • Managing Estimates Documentation
  • Video: Managing Estimates
  • Quiz: Managing Estimates

Lesson #4: Unit Cost Estimates

  • Unit Cost Estimates Documentation
  • Video: Unit Estimate Basics
  • Video: Adjustment Lines
  • Quiz: Unit Cost Estimates

Lesson #5: My Custom Data

  • Working with Custom Data Documentation
  • Video: Working with Custom Data
  • Quiz: Working with Custom Data

Lesson #6: Assembly Cost Estimates

  • Assembly Cost Estimates Documentation
  • Video: Assembly Cost Estimates
  • Quiz: Assembly Costs

Lesson #7: Facilities Maintenance & Repair Estimates

  • Facilities Maintenance & Repair Data Documentation
  • Video: Facilities Maintenance & Repair Data
  • Quiz: Facilities Maintenance & Repair Data

Lesson #8: Reporting

  • Reporting Options Documentation
  • Video: Reporting
  • Quiz: Reporting

Lesson #9: Square Foot Estimates

  • Square Foot Estimates Documentation
  • Video: Square Foot Estimates
  • Quiz: Square Foot Models

Lesson #10: Life Cycle Cost Estimates

  • Life Cycle Cost Documentation
  • Video: Life Cycle Cost Estimates
  • Quiz: Life Cycle Cost Estimates

Lesson #11: Reference Items

  • Reference Items Documentation
  • Video: Reference Items
  • Quiz: Reference Items

Lesson #12: Account Management

  • Account Management Documentation
  • Video: Account Management
  • Quiz: Account Management

Final Exam & Conclusion

  • Conclusion Video