Be confident in your next estimate. Make job costing and calculating easier than ever. Use RSMeans Online to find, compare, and validate construction costs, build reliable cost estimates in less time, and create your own custom cost databases. Start by exploring your data options below, then customize and configure your dataset to include specialized features to enhance your estimating experience. Try it free for 30 days. 

Must be added to existing subscription. Alerts provide RSMeans Online users the advantage of receiving timely price change notifications ahead of...
Starting at $299.99
Get the confidence and know-how you need to deliver more accurate cost estimates and improve profitability with RSMeans' comprehensive cost database...
Starting at $249.99
Bundle and save! Four of our most popular data sets: Building Construction, Concrete, Heavy Construction,...
Starting at $646.99

This package includes 4 data sets: Building Construction, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing. Bundle and save! 
Starting at $646.99
Take the guesswork out of estimating any type of commercial renovation project, anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.
Starting at $224.99
Simplify planning and budgeting with the complete cost data for fast, accurate concrete and masonry estimating.
Starting at $224.99

The most comprehensive and updated cost data for estimating materials, labor and productivity for design professionals includes Building Construction...
Starting at $407.99
Simplify electrical estimating with the latest prices for thousands of electrical components that address the latest products, materials and...
Starting at $224.99
Immediate access to every imaginable cost associated with facilities construction and renovation, plus many common maintenance items.
Starting at $749.99

Bundle and save! Includes Commercial Renovation, Facilities Construction and Building Construction Cost Data.
Starting at $1099.95
The most comprehensive and updated cost data for estimating general maintenance work for facilities.
Starting at $2099.99
The most comprehensive and updated cost data for estimating maintenance and repair and general maintenance for facilities.
Starting at $2549.99

A complete solution for facilities estimation and life cycle costing! Includes all of RSMeans Facilities, Assemblies and Commercial Renovation data...
Starting at $3299.99
This complete facilities package includes RSMeans' comprehensive data for estimating maintenance and repair, preventive maintenance and general...
Starting at $2774.99
Full History Look Back (2007) must be added to existing subscription. View pricing on labor, material and equipment back to 2007. 
Starting at $499.99

Designed to help construction professionals estimate, plan and budget the costs of green construction- both new commercial construction and renovation...
Starting at $224.99
Comprehensive cost database for all types of heavy construction from highways, bridges, utilities, rails and marine projects, to sanitary and storm...
Starting at $224.99
RSMeans Interior Cost Data 2015 includes up to 16,000 unit costs, including productivity data, for new facilities, upgrades, renovation projects, and more.
Starting at $224.99

Must be added to existing Advanced or Professional subscription. RSMeans' Life Cycle Costing allows users to improve long-term performance of assets...
Starting at $999.99
Bundle and save! Ten of the most comprehensive data sets RSMeans has to offer, all in one convenient package: Building Construction, Commercial...
Starting at $1136.99
Complete cost database for mechanical cost estimating. Includes materials, equipment, and labor costs to develop reliable cost estimates for even the...
Starting at $224.99

Bundle and save! Includes 3 popular data sets with open shop wage rates: Concrete, Residential, and Site Work
Starting at $746.99
Open Shop Wage Rates add-on must be added to existing subscription. Adding this to current subscriptions gives users the ability to price Open Shop wage...
Starting at $249.99
Instant access to the most updated cost data for plumbing and fire protection projects.
Starting at $224.99

The most comprehensive and updated cost data for estimating materials, labor and productivity for residential projects.
Starting at $224.99
Access to the online components of the RSMeans 2011 Cost Data, including unit and assembly costs, square foot models, question sets, and electronic...
Starting at $45.00
One complete package of more than 12 data sets! The Complete Library includes; Building Construction Cost Data, Concrete and Masonry, Electrical...
Starting at $1361.99

Plan, budget, and estimate site work construction with confidence using the latest pricing, labor and productivity data from RSMeans.
Starting at $224.99
Three year historical data for RSMeans Online. Must be added to existing subscriptions. View pricing on materials, labor and euipqment for the last 3...
Starting at $249.99