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“I was asked to prepare preliminary budgets for the renovation of a non-profit's facility, which allowed them to get the funding they needed for the project.”

Frank Sherman, Principal Architect, Ecotone Design LLC

"We used RSMeans data to fill in the gaps for large demolition projects in areas where we don't possess a great deal of historical pricing or personal experience."

Jack Anderson, Chief Engineer, Kestrel Management

“RSMeans is accepted as an impartial industry standard for construction costs. As such, I reference it during construction cost reviews.”

Ronald Semel, Cost Reviewer, State of Virginia Department of General Services

"Building a new data center for the IT department, construction costs were spot on."

Richard Macbeth, Project Manager, Tricounty Technical College

“We are doing assessments of existing facilities and were able to use RSMeans data to provide ROM pricing for recommended upgrades.”

Jason Cocek, Sustainability Specialist, C1S Group, Inc.

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Ease the Headaches of

Rebecca U.
Accounting Associate

Features & Functionality

“One of my favorite features with this software is the locator. Having the costs customized to your location is so handy and much more accurate than applying a general multiplier to each item.”

Great Starting Point for
Unique Estimates

Narom L.
Project Manager

Value for Money

“I like the tools RSMeans Data Online gives for guidance if you are unfamiliar with a particular trade.”

Estimating Made

Andrew L.
VP, Engineering

Ease of use

“Time to bid, RSMeans Data Online is your go to winner. Online program is much faster than the manual. The old way took a while and wasn’t updated often enough.”

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