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Aiken Cost Consultants Provide Reliable Cost Estimates that Give Clients Peace of Mind

For 30 years, Aiken Cost Consultants have provided project estimates that help clients in a variety of industries establish reasonable budgets for construction projects. They also assist design teams with keeping on budget throughout the design process. Discover how Aiken Cost Consultants use RSMeans data to help their clients operate within budget by controlling costs through comprehensive estimates.

"We have a lot of confidence in the accuracy ... It's the best cost database available and we've been using for 30 years."

Brad Aiken, CPE, President and Sr. Estimator

Aiken Cost Consultants use a variety of formats to ensure they meet the needs of their customers, but they prefer RSMeans Data Online as it allows them to serve clients across the United States with data localized to the desired market. Brad Aiken, President and Senior Estimator believes, "The localization factor is very important. That's what allows us to be in Greenville, South Carolina and work all over the world." Using RSMeans Data, Aiken Cost Consultants will continue to provide accurate and reliable estimates for their clients.