Webinar | Create & Maintain High-Performing Education Facilities

The 2016 State of Our Schools study reveals that our country’s education facilities are severely underfunded and thousands are in need of repairs. The average K-12 school in America is over 40 years old, while nearly 40% of current university space was constructed between 1960 and 1975. Budgets are falling short of providing healthy, safe, educationally appropriate and environmentally responsible facilities and campuses. This webinar will address the funding challenges faced by those in K-12 and higher education today, and will give insights on how best to plan, design, prioritize and manage building repairs and updates, to maintain high-performing education facilities.

Attendees will learn:

  • What are the current facilities conditions in the K-12 and higher education systems
  • How these conditions affect health and performance, and impact the environment
  • What are the characteristics of high-performing education facilities
  • How to access benchmarking analyses and cost data to decide what projects need to be addressed today and what can be deferred
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Event location:
Event start: 6/22/2016 2:00:18 PM