The Construction Process Self-Paced Training Course

The Construction Process self-paced course focuses on the contract side of a commercial construction project and explains the various steps involved, from project initiation to project closeout and turnover. It is geared toward the professional who is looking for more than an overview of the construction process while also reviewing the basics of the contract-awarding procedure.

This course will lead you through an in-depth examination of project design, the typical bidding process leading to award, the most common contract delivery methods, how projects are administered, how to manage change orders, scheduling and how performance is measured, all while detailing common pitfalls in the process and ways in which to avoid them.



Enroll in this course to gain an understanding of the fundamentals of the construction process. Successful completion of this course will provide you with the self-confidence and understanding of the key phases of a capital improvement project.

You will be introduced to:

  • The basics of the design, from concept to bid documents

  • The bid process and the award phase

  • Contracts and the various types of contract delivery

  • Contract modification and a detailed look at the dreaded change order process

  • Various types of construction schedules, with a focus on the critical path method

  • The submittal process and its purpose

  • Requests for information (RFIs) and the purpose they serve

  • Detailed information and guidance through the project closeout procedures

  • Key terms in the construction process and contract administration


Today's business professionals have greater realms of responsibilities. Instead of being expected to specialize in one area of expertise, today’s professionals now require a broader spectrum of professional skills. This results in new skill sets required to manage a company.

Experienced professionals can expand their understanding of the construction process and its various phases by enhancing or clarifying what they know and expanding that knowledge to help them to make better business decisions. This course is delivered in seven separate lessons that can be viewed or listened to in 20-30 minute increments, thereby reducing the demand for an extensive commitment of time.



  • Introduction - About the Course and Instructor
  • Lesson 1 - The Design Process
  • Lesson 2 - The Bid Process
  • Lesson 3 - Contracts and General Conditions
  • Lesson 4 - Contract Modifications
  • Lesson 5 - Schedules and Performance Measurement
  • Lesson 6 - Submittals and RFIs
  • Lesson 7 - Project Closeout
  • Conclusion - Review