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RSMeans Cost Data, Student Edition + Online Content

RSMeans Cost Data, Student Edition provides a thorough introduction to cost estimating in a self-contained print and online package. With clear explanations and a hands-on, example-driven approach, it is the ideal reference for students and new professionals who need to learn how to perform cost estimating for building construction.
Features include:
  • Commercial and residential construction cost data in print and online formats
  • Complete how-to guidance on the essentials of cost estimating
  • A supplemental website with plans, specifications, problem sets, and a full sample estimate
With more than 930 Location Factors in the United States and Canada, the data includes up-to-date system prices for more than 100 standard assemblies and in-place costs for thousands of alternates—making it easy to customize budget estimates and compare system costs.
UNIT PRICES (organized in MasterFormat 2010)
1.    General Requirements
2.    Existing Conditions
3.    Concrete
4.    Masonry
5.    Metals
6.    Woods, Plastics & Composites
7.    Thermal & Moisture Protection
8.    Openings
9.    Finishes
10.  Specialties
11.  Equipment
12.  Furnishings
13.  Special Construction
14.  Conveying Equipment
21. Fire Suppression
22. Plumbing
23. Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning
26. Electrical
27. Communications
28. Electronic Safety & Security
31. Earthwork
32. Exterior Improvements
33. Utilities
A. Substructure
B. Shell
C. Interiors
D. Services
E. Equipment & Furnishings
F. Special Construction
G. Building Site Work
  • Equipment Rental Costs
  • Crews
  • Cost Indexes
  • Reference Tables
  • Square Foot Costs