Life Cycle Costing for Facilities

Facility designers and owners are frustrated with cost-cutting efforts that yield the cheapest product, but sacrifice quality. Life cycle costing, properly done, enables them to achieve both – high quality and costs that meet their budgets.  

The authors, widely recognized leaders in these techniques, show how LCC can work for a broad variety of projects – from several types of buildings, to roads and bridges, to HVAC and electrical upgrades, to materials and equipment procurement.  
Life Cycle Costing can be applied to every aspect of construction – from all types of buildings (commercial, educational, industrial, health care and more), to roads and bridges, to HVAC equipment and electrical systems upgrades and materials and equipment procurement. A life cycle costs section, a major part of the book, provides maintenance and replacement costs for all elements of the facility – from the foundation and structure to the walls and floors, plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems, and landscaping. The electronic life cycle costing spreadsheet program included with the book simplifies the process of applying LCC to users’ own projects.