Better data makes for better estimates

Your Reputation Is Only as Good as Your Last Estimate

Here are some tools and resources for keeping your estimates accurate and on-point.
Scope Your Way to Better Budgets

Learn how to write a detailed Scope of Work for more accurate budget estimates.

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Solving the Construction Estimating Puzzle

Learn how to estimate thoroughly and accurately for every project with this comprehensive guide.

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Step by Step: How to Build a Better Estimate

An industry veteran shares the foundations of a good

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Prevent Scope Creep

Five tips to avoid becoming a victim of scope creep and keep your project on course.

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Don't Make These Mistakes

Save yourself some headaches and some money by staying aware of these five construction estimating mistakes.

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Be Wary of Low Estimates

Keep your eyes peeled for these dangers of a low estimate.

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"Using RSMeans data, we are able to turn estimates
around quickly and accurately without having to rely on subcontractors pricing."

-Joseph ladarola, Estimator, Cooper Construction

Accurate Estimates Are Only One Aspect of Success

Check out this practical advice for building a thriving business.
Grow Strategically

If you hope to take advantage of these new opportunities, you must be prepared. Discover what to know before you grow.

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Harness the Power of Relationships

Before you start laying foundation on your next project, think about how to lay a positive foundation with your team.

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Bring Your Data Up-to-Date

Its impossible succeed using data from old projects. Find out why you need to stay current.

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Minimize Overrun Risk

Every dollar spent over budget is a dollar taken away from the bottom line. Discover the best weapon for fending off the risk of cost overruns.

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Want to Take Your Accuracy to the Next Level?

Rely on Gordian, the construction cost experts.