About Us

RSMeans is North America's leading supplier of construction cost information. A product line of The Gordian Group, RSMeans® provides accurate and up-to-date cost information that helps owners, developers, architects, engineers, contractors and others to carefully and precisely project and control the cost of both new building construction and renovation projects. RSMeans keeps track of costs for you, along with a wide range of other key information, including productivity rates, crew composition, and contractor's overhead and profit rates. 

In addition to its collection of annual construction cost data books, RSMeans also offers construction estimating and facilities management seminars, electronic cost databases and software, reference books, and enterprise solutions.  

Why use RSMeans construction cost estimating data? 

Whether you are a contractor, owner, architect, engineer, facilities manager, or anyone else who needs a fast and reliable construction cost estimate, you'll find RSMeans cost data to be a highly useful and necessary tool. Because labor and material costs change often, last year's cost information is not a reliable basis for today's estimate or budget. 

We  keep track of the costs for you, along with a wide range of other key information, including:
  • City cost indexes
  • Productivity rates
  • Crew composition
  • Contractor's overhead and profit rates
RSMeans collects data from all facets of the industry and organizes it in a format that is instantly accessible to you. From the preliminary budget to the detailed estimate, you'll find the data useful for all phases of construction cost determination.