9/7/2021 - Scope of Work for Facilities Estimating

Seminar Details
9/7/21 to 9/9/21
Virtual | Class Time: 12 PM to 4 PM EST

This virtual training will be valuable to anyone who is faced with the task of assessing the scope of work for estimating purposes on renovation- and maintenance-type projects at all stages of the design process. This practical training class addresses the vital importance of understanding the scope of projects to arrive at accurate cost estimating.

Understand the "big picture" estimating process. Review the process of construction cot estimating in a facilities renovation environment. Learn that the final pricing is only as accurate as the understanding of the scope of the project. Review real-life projects, along with checklists, for respective divisions. Gain an overview of quantity takeoff and project pricing, with special focus on the front-end of the process (scoping). Learn to estimate like a contractor!

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Availability Date Mar 16, 2021