RSMeans Data Online

Available in three tiers designed to meet your needs


Ideal for anyone in need of instant access to materials, labor and equipment costs with our basic set of tools/features.

Level of Cost Detail

Timespan of Data

Current Year
Key Features

Keyword Search
Estimate Export
Estimate Tool

Basic Estimate Builder
Data Available

Single Dataset or Package


Designed for pros who need a greater depth of data and the ability to analyze historical costs.

Level of Cost Detail

Units, Assemblies and Square Foot Models
Timespan of Data

Previous 3 Years
Key Features

Work Breakdown Structures
Advanced Reporting
Estimate Tool

Square Foot Model Estimate Builder
Data Available

Single Dataset or Package

Complete Plus

Developed by data scientists and powered by machine learning, look three years in the future with predictive costs.

Level of Cost Detail

Units, Assemblies and Square Foot Models
Timespan of Data

Full History
Estimate Tool

Life Cycle Costing
Data Available

Full Library + Renovation Models

Compare Features  

  Core Complete Complete Plus
Level of Cost Detail      
Unit price costs
Assemblies costs  
Square foot model costs  
Labor Rates/Wages      
Union + dataset selection
Open shop + dataset selection  
Ability to Edit      
Create/edit unit prices  
Create/edit assembly prices  
Estimate Tools      
Unit price estimate creation
Assembly estimate creation  
Square foot estimator with new models  
Square foot estimator with renovation models    
Life cycle costing estimator    
Reporting Tools      
Export estimates via PDF/Excel and share
Customize export estimate  
Productivity Tools      
Keyword search/tag favorite items
Browse by MasterFormat/UniFormat
Create alerts for price updates  
Create/Organize estimates based on reusable Work Breakdown Structures  
Advanced user security and permissions*  
Arrange projects in flexible hierarchies*  
Timespan of Data      
Current year, 12 months from purchase by quarter
3 years back from current date  
Track data trends over time  
Full RSMeans data history    
Customize Data      
Add your own custom wage rates and apply to dataset  
Edit equipment rental prices  
Predictive Cost Data      
Available for unit, assembly and square foot costs    

*Available in RSMeans Data Online Complete only with purchase of Full Library dataset.

RSMeans Data Online in the Classroom

Looking to sharpen estimating skills in a classroom environment? We have tailored datasets to help
make teaching and learning construction estimating easy and affordable.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a discounted version for student or classroom use?

Yes, we have created a discounted dataset appropriate for a variety of projects using costs from the year 2011. While it is a great collection for students and teachers to use in the classroom, professionals should use a tiered option to access accurate, up-to-date construction costs.

Are office subscriptions available?

No, each user will need to have their own license, but one person can purchase multiple licenses and administer them as needed.

How long does the subscription last?

The default term for a subscription is 12 months. The subscription renews unless manually disabled.

Is access to any other products included in my subscription?

No, you do not have access to Books, eBooks, CDs or any other RSMeans data products with your RSMeans Data Online subscription.

Are there discounts available?

The Packages and Full Library were designed to give a large price break compared to purchasing each dataset individually.


"When we are considering a new market to develop, RSMeans data is our source for determining the costs relative to other markets where we have historical costs available."

Michael Dyer
Director of Project Planning
Tri-C Construction Company

"RSMeans data is our go-to source... for pricing and estimation and is formatted in such a way that as you walk through the selection process it reminds you of items that may have been forgotten or not discussed during the preliminary design..."

Brian Johnson
Engineering Manager
Sponseller Group, Inc.