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The Square Foot Renovation Models Package comes with over 500 NEW renovation assemblies that were specifically designed and created for this purpose, as well as additional assemblies to complement the dataset.  Until now, a RSMeans data user has been limited to new construction with their building estimating models.  However, the Square Foot Renovation Models, which were designed around our original square foot models’ logic, are a great complement because you can estimate the renovation costs alongside the new, thus providing greater insight into construction costs to come.

For conceptual estimating of renovation projects, Square Foot Renovation Models were specifically designed to capture the whole-building construction costs that comes with renovation-related work for 44 building models. These models are presented with increasing levels of renovation intensity (from Level 1 at cosmetics, to Level 5 which is a full gut and includes equipment, and exterior doors and windows), which provides you with an easy to use, yet flexible estimating guide to meet your specific needs.

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1 Chosen Tier

  • Levels of renovation are:
  • Level 1 – Cosmetics
  • Level 2 – Above plus Non-Masonry Partitions
  • Level 3 – Above plus Masonry Partitions
  • Level 4 – Above plus Bathrooms, Kitchens
  • Level 5 – Above plus Equipment, Exterior Doors & Windows

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