JOC Core Subscription

Subject to applicable tax.
Note: Access to this application has been designed to provide a Contractor responding to a solicitation issued by an Owner with access to the RSMeans Construction Procurement Catalog to calculate their coefficient. Please check the solicitation you are responding to and ensure it references RSMeans Construction Procurement Catalog or Job Order Contracting Core.

Job Order Contracting Core Subscription is designed for Contractors who have been awarded a JOC program by an Owner and need to facilitate building price proposals and generating work order packages. Job Order Contracting Core provides Contractors with access the Owner specified dataset, RSMeans Construction Procurement Catalog, and an easy way to build and submit proposals to the Owner using industry-leading, trusted data. This annual license includes one User (login) and access to one Contract (dataset). If you are a Contractor with multiple individuals who need to build price proposals, you will need to procure additional Users. If you are a Contractor who has been awarded by multiple Owners, you will need to procure additional Contracts (datasets).