Job Order Contracting Core

Introducing an innovative data & software solution for Job Order Contracting, driven by a new procurement dataset driven by a new RSMeans procurement dataset, the leader in construction data and analytics. 

Job Order Contracting Core is designed for facility owners who have experience implementing and managing Job Order Contracting programs. The subscription-based solution allows owners to pair their expertise with industry-leading RSMeans data that has been expanded to meet construction procurement requirements along with powerful software, enabling contractors to efficiently facilitate the fulfillment of proposal building and work order package generation. This unique combination of data and software empowers the owner with control and transparency, leading to the management of an audit-worthy Job Order Contracting program.

When responding to an Owner’s solicitation, Job Order Contracting Core Bid Access provides contractors with the ability to prepare their...
Starting at $0.00 $329.00
Job Order Contracting Core Subscription is designed for Contractors who have been awarded a JOC program by an Owner and need to facilitate building...
Starting at $0.00 $3950.00