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The Complete tier of RSMeans Data Online is designed to provide the latest in construction costs with comprehensive tools for projects of varying scopes. Unit, assembly or square foot price data is available 24/7 from the web-based application. Harness the power of RSMeans data from Gordian with expanded features and powerful tools like the square foot model estimator and cost trends analysis.

Alerts – Stay on top of price changes the moment they occur by setting alerts on commonly referenced materials and tasks. Take it a step further and apply alerts to assemblies and entire estimates with options for in-app, email or text notifications.

Square Foot Estimator – Conceptualize the cost of a building and generate a per square foot price in minutes. With more than 100 commercial new construction models and the ability to customize their build, take advantage of reliable ballpark estimates.

Trends – Access three years of history to monitor past and ongoing construction cost trends. Use this valuable data to improve the accuracy of your estimates over time and better plan for the future.

Based on customer demand, we’ve added productivity and collaboration tools to help you and your teams estimate complex projects.
  • Interactive Estimating – Aggregate estimated costs at any level of a Work Breakdown Structure.
  • Customizable Folder Organization – Improve collaboration by keeping related estimates together in folders that reflect how your team actually works. Available only with purchase of the full cost library.
  • Folder Access & Security – Easily assign group permissions to maintain organizational control. Available only with purchase of the full cost library.

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Full Library  $3669.99
Commercial Package  $1679.99
Master Union Package  $2199.99
Facilities Construction & Renovation Package  $2069.99
Building Construction Costs  $939.99
Residential Costs  $769.99
Electrical Costs  $769.99
Design Package  $929.99
Facilities Package with Life Cycle Costing  $3639.99
Renovation & Interior Costs  $769.99
Facilities Preventive Maintenance Package  $3049.99
Basic Commercial Models Package  $649.99
Facilities Construction Costs  $1819.99
Heavy Construction Costs  $769.99
Site Work & Masonry Costs  $769.99
Facilities Maintenance & Repair Package  $2799.99
Civil Package  $1679.99
Mechanical Costs  $769.99
Renovation Models Package  $1069.99
Plumbing Costs  $769.99
Green Building Costs  $769.99

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