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Taking a construction product to market requires accurate market research in order to make critical business development decisions. And once the product goes to market, one way to differentiate your product from the competition is to make any cost saving claims you have to offer. Are your claims validated? Do you trust the research you are using to launch your new product?


Time & Motion Studies

Gain a marketplace advantage by using our Time & Motion studies to verify claims of time savings, increased productivity, streamlined installation processes or other benefits you can message to your potential buyers. RSMeans data from Gordian is the recognized industry leader in labor, material and productivity information, and we provide third-party analyses of manufacturers’ product installations. In an effort to provide neutral evidence to reduced installation costs through productivity gains, our engineers observe and/or measure cost of installation of a manufacturer's product and compare the results to competitors.

Product Market Size Analysis

Market research provides marketing and business development executives the intelligence needed to make critical business decisions related to market size. Use our square foot models with Gordian's RSMeans data, forecast market data and client data to analyze the construction market to assess the market size for your products. We can also give you actionable data to help you understand the number of units and/or dollars represented by your products, down to the region and county levels.

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