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As the construction industry standard, our RSMeans data can be helpful in cases of construction cost or estimate disputes, construction product failure vs. installation failure, eminent domain, class action construction product liability, and more.


Eminent Domain

Disputes often arise over the fair market value of planned or completed additions/renovations that potentially change the value of a building. We provide legal consulting services in eminent domain cases where the value of the building is disputed. Using our RSMeans data, we’ll estimate the additions/renovations to provide a neutral assessment of costs.

Basis of Settlement

Sometimes, despite the most caution and meticulousness, a product goes to market with a defect. As the trusted industry resource for construction costs, we’ll provide court approved cost calculators that determine the replacement value and/or compensation for individuals in class action product failure cases. The cost calculators are used in the early stages of a case to quantify potential case damages, as well as supply a neutral tool for claimants to calculate their settlement in the final settlement phase.

Expert Witness Testimony

When a case gets to court, expert witness testimony is often required to assist in the deliberation process. With an average of more than 30 years of field experience and cost engineering, the construction and legal industry have relied on Gordian's RSMeans engineers to provide independent, third-party legal support to evaluate cost disputes, identify product failures vs. installation failures, and expert witness testimony.

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