Enterprise Solutions Data Integration

RSMeans data from Gordian, the construction industry standard for estimating cost data, is conveniently available via API delivery for data licensing and data reseller opportunities. This is perfect for customers seeking auditable data as well as those responding to government agency business proposal requests that specify the use of Gordian's RSMeans data.

We offer licensing and integration through our API

Data Licensing

Many customers who have found their solution to estimating through a standard or custom-built RSMeans dataset also have a need for that solution to be integrated into their own tool or application for internal use. We work with these clients to successfully integrate their datasets as well as provide regular updates to the data based upon experienced cost research and engineering.

Data Resellers

Over 24 third party vendors and software providers currently license Gordian's 'RSMeans data to their end users, supplying them with the accurate costs construction professionals rely upon for budgeting, planning, forecasting and estimating new construction, renovations, maintenance and repair projects. With more than 20 standard RSMeans datasets available via API, resellers stand to capitalize on the advancements of technology in construction as integrated systems and data become a growing demand in order to estimate efficiently, accurately and quickly. To learn more about our Data Resellers program, download the product sheet.


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