Enterprise Solutions Custom Built Datasets

It is crucial for building owners and facility managers to understand the lifetime maintenance cost of your building, how much it will cost to build a specific building model in different locations, and if your estimates are accurate. From budgetary knowledge and estimates to data customization for future planning, our data provides the knowledge, data, expertise and tools necessary to assess past estimates and confidently manage and forecast projects.

Building and Space Cost Models

Accurately calculating construction costs for facilities across multiple locations is essential for precise budgeting and cost control. Serial builders like government agencies, colleges and universities and large retail chains, can use custom building cost models with Gordian's RSMeans data to quickly plan construction costs based on geographic locations, project size, building system component, product options and other variables. Make aesthetic changes on the fly and adjust the estimate instantly with specialized functionality of the models. Plus, you can maximize architectural efforts by mapping your existing Revit models to our database to produce accurate construction costs and budgets from the planning phase through construction.


Predictive Cost Data

Forecasting data is essential for precise capital planning. With predictive cost data, you can accurately plan future builds with graphical interactive dashboards, negotiate future costs of tenant build-outs and identify and compare national account pricing.


Life Cycle Costing

To make the most informed decisions on capital investments, and to justify ongoing facility budgets, you need insight into capital and operation budgets over an extended period of time. We have leveraged the mapping of assemblies- and model-based construction data with Facility Maintenance and Repair data to project lifecycle costs up to 90 years in the future, including annual preventive maintenance expenditures and cyclical building system replacement investments. These costs and models can be customized based on your specific needs, and we can provide custom dashboards to manage lifecycle costs at a portfolio or enterprise level.

Estimate Validation

Cost or estimate disputes may arise over discrepancies from expenses, project duration and cash flow projections, resource allocation, change order negotiation or other information necessary to execute a project. Our estimate validation services provide reliable guidelines and neutral analyses in cases of cost and estimate disputes. Gordian's RSMeans data cost engineer experts will review various types of cost and estimate disputes and use our cost data to report unbiased findings.

Custom and International Cost Data

Your unique conditions and requirements demand custom cost data research or engineering to support cost planning and management. We supplement our standard offering with custom cost datasets based on your building standards and specifications. We can also develop custom area cost factors or city cost indices for locations in the U.S. and internationally.

Custom Cost Index

Building owners often require a specialized construction cost index that is either industry specific and/or country specific. Using the same methodology as with custom data collection, we’ve used our 70 years of experience developing localized City Cost Indexes and collects data on a custom market basket of goods which includes specific materials, labor and equipment to provide a custom cost index.

Facility Condition Assessment Datasets

Our custom facility condition assessment datasets can outline renovations, maintenance and repair items with associated costs. You can import this custom dataset with Gordian's RSMeans data directly into your own system to analyze and prioritize upcoming projects. The data also can be input into project management software, such as Tririga, to produce work orders and commence the project.

Data Usage Assessment

Estimating conflicts can arise due to conflicting information from books, CDs, Online and other non-RSMeans data sources. This is especially true for those in higher ed, healthcare and other campus-like settings. Our experts will provide onsite analysis and do an audit of your current data usage, to ensure that capital planners, facility managers, and other departments use consistent datasets. Correct data usage practices among all departments will help ensure that proper budgetary dollars are being allocated correctly.