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2020 Assemblies Cost Data eBook

2020 Assemblies Cost Data eBook
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The 2020 Assemblies Cost Data eBook logically groups individual work items, with appropriate quantities, to provide a cost for a major construction component in a convenient unit of measure. An assemblies estimate is often used during early stages of design development to compare the cost impact of various design alternatives on total building cost. This easy-to-use guide gives you the building components required to develop accurate assemblies-level cost estimates, evaluate trade-off costs, and verify unit price estimates.  

What you’ll find inside:  

  • Agricultural equipment assemblies
  • Fully updated cost data, with more than 11,200 building assembly and component costs
  • Expanded exterior wall and framing systems giving you more options to choose from
  • Thousands of unit prices not found in any other RSMeans book
  • Plumbing assembly pages for baths, kitchen sinks, lavatories, service sinks, showers, urinals, water coolers and water closets
  • Building assemblies and square foot cost sections
  • Reference section with more than 90 reference tables, estimating aids and technical data
  • City Cost Indexes for over 930 locations in the U.S. and selected locations in Canada
  • License Term: 12 Months. Learn More
Be prepared to estimate any job with this indispensable cost reference.
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