2021 Contractors Pricing Guide: Residential Repair & Remodeling CD


Designed for the residential contractor, the 2021 Contractors Pricing Guide: Residential Repair & Remodeling CostWorks CD features total unit price costs for every aspect of the most common repair and remodeling projects -- in a format organized for the way you build -- from frame to finish.

Features of your one-year subscription for this CD cover every step needed to complete each task, including demolition, installation, painting, cleaning and more. This is a valuable tool for home improvement and repair contractors, insurance restoration contractors, and anyone who does small construction jobs for homeowners.

  • Updated material and labor cost rolled into the pricing.
  • Format of information allows "all in" pricing for the line item listing.
  • Information useful for contractors, estimators, insurance adjusters and home owners.

COVID-19 Modifiers: Visit our FAQ for information on the new line items for Biohazard Remediation and Infectious Disease Precautions included in the 2021 RSMeans data release.

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Availability Date Jan 20, 2021