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2017 Square Foot Costs CD

2017 Square Foot Costs  CD
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Square Foot Costs with RSMeans data CostWorks CD is a valuable, time-saving tool that gives you clear descriptions and illustrations of hundreds of residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings. For even more detailed estimates, costs are broken down into assemblies component specifications and costs.

Features of your 2017 one-year subscription include:
  • Reliable square foot costs for 75 "standard" structures
  • The latest costs for more than 6,000 building variations, modifications and "add-ons" so you can keep your estimate current as details are ironed out-and quickly priced out
  • Costs for Internet and telephone wiring and UPS (uninterruptible power supply) in appropriate models
  • Costs for more than 6,500 in-place components-so you can fine-tune system costs to reflect unique situations
  • Location factors, arranged by zip code, for more than 930 different sites in the U.S. and Canada
For every model structure, you'll find cost per square foot of floor area for a range of sizes and types. Structures priced for you include data centers, hotels, churches, single-story factories and office buildings, residences and custom luxury homes, convenience and department stores, schools and daycare facilities, sports facilities, car dealerships and service stations, fire and police stations, hospitals and other health care facilities, apartment buildings up to 24 stories, restaurants, and more.
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