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2017 Heavy Construction Cost Data CD

2017 Heavy Construction Cost Data CD
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The 2017 Heavy Construction Costs with RSMeans data CostWorks CD gives you costs for all types of heavy construction, from highways, bridges, utilities, rails and marine projects, to sanitary and storm sewer projects. Valuable information includes 14,000 up-to-date price assemblies cost tables, and estimating reference section, crew tables, and costs for new construction; demolition work; repairs; replacements and change orders. Also included are global prices and availability of oil, steel and cement are impacting a number of product lines -- the 2017 edition will tell you which ones.

Features of your 2017 one-year subscription include: 
Subsurface investigation
Excavation, demolition and reclamation
Site preparation and foundations
Sheeting, cofferdams, earthwork
Pre-engineered structures
Tunneling and microtunneling
Bridges, piles, caissons
Railroad, marine work and airports
Paving, surfacing and striping
Water, fuel distribution and piped utilities
Sewerage, drainage and dewatering
Ponds, reservoirs, waterways
Power communications
Site improvements and landscaping
Power transmission and distribution
Assemblies for sewer, transportation & waterways
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