Webinar | Leveraging Cost Data: A Blueprint for Building a Trusting Relationship

Contractors’ reputations are based on past performance, experience, safety history, records of quality and business practices. Overcoming obstacles and creating a relationship with owners built on trust can have great impacts on gaining new and repeat business. Contractors can demonstrate dependability, transparency and even validate costs by utilizing accurate and appropriate construction data for projects. This webinar will offer insights into how contractors can build lasting relationships using construction data to prove their value and grow their company in a competitive market.

This webinar will:

  • Chronicle how employing the right data can build a trusting partnership with an owner
  • Detail the best data for different parts of the construction process to promote fairness and price certainty 
  • Present how contractors can leverage construction data to demonstrate dependability and cost validation
  • Discuss how contractors can access the data to build their reputation and earn more business

This webinar will illustrate how applying the right data will help contractors improve their competence and build their work volume.

Event location: Online
Event start: 3/17/2016 2:00:00 PM