BOMA Webinar Series - Life Cycle Costing for Preventive Maintenance Measures

Building owners and managers who do not regularly perform preventive maintenance measures for properties and equipment will see the life cycle of those assets slashed significantly. In fact, those who defer maintenance can count on paying several times more than the total repair cost in the future.

This webinar will discuss solutions to proactively manage the growing list of maintenance needs that building owners and managers face today. Hear a discussion on best practices for performing regular facility assessments, learn how to use life cycle cost data to plan and budget for future repairs, and predict how costs will escalate over time. Also, learn how to use the cost data to make a business case to others for tackling preventive maintenance projects to avoid future backlogs.

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Event location: Online (WebEx)
Event start: 10/22/2015 2:00:00 PM