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Meet the Engineer - Marilyn Phelan

Get To Know Our Engineers!

At RSMeans from The Gordian Group, our focus is the data. But the data wouldn’t be possible without our experienced construction cost engineers who diligently analyze the cost data.  Our team averages more than 24 years’ experience in construction and cost data research. Get to know us better through these fun and informative questions.

About the Engineer

1.    Favorite memory at RSMeans
Our lobster bake, harbor cruise 2014- great food, weather and wonderful group of people!

2.    Favorite junk food
Not a junk food junkie

3.    What you’ll always find in the trunk of my car
A beach chair- I’m always ready!

4.    The movie I’ll watch every time it’s on TV
The Wizard of Oz, I never get tired of it

5.    The tool I couldn’t live without
My tennis racquet

6.    On my bucket list
Travel around the world

7.    Favorite vacation spot
New England coast

8.    Favorite sports team
The Boston Red Socks

About the Title

1.    Title(s) you are responsible for
Square Foot Costs, Assemblies Cost Data, and Interior Cost Data

2.    In general, what is happening to prices in your specific trades
We’re seeing steady increases in metal studs, acoustic ceiling tile and latex paint both interior and exterior. There’s been a sharp increase in gypsum wall board, red oak flooring, and VCT (vinyl composition tile). Carpet and ceramic tile have both decreased from 2014.

3.    Highest percentage increase or decrease in prices
Red oak flooring and VCT have increased substantially. 

4.    Major shifts in trends for your particular data
Green or sustainable products continue their popularity.

5.    How long have you been researching cost data and what does your industry experience look like? 
I’ve been researching construction costs for over four years. I have an extensive background in architecture.