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Data Spotlight: Mechanical Costs

Providing over 18,000 line items, Mechanical Costs with RSMeans data offers architects, engineers, facility owners and contractors the industry standard of up-to-date estimating data in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, controls, fire protection and plumbing. This set will be your comprehensive estimating and cost planning resource, providing a “reality check” for any estimate, bid or change order.

Double-check your estimates and resolve billing disputes knowing you are using an impartial, universally respected authority.

All facets of mechanical work are covered, including:

• Controls
• Piping
• Duct work
• Accessories

And with more than 1,700 assemblies for services, Mechanical Costs with RSMeans data provides substructure and building sitework—ideal for commercial, industrial, municipal and industrial properties.
This is the perfect set for architects, engineers and developers who need to perform a preliminary estimate of construction costs when complete plans and specifications are not yet available.