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Build Your Business Case for Space Optimization

Across the nation, physical space remains one of the most valuable resources on campuses. Whether the campus is sprawling or relatively compact, getting the most out of the space available is an ongoing challenge.

This complicated challenge gets more complicated when placed under the magnifying lens of data.

According to a report by Sightlines, 2015 State of Facilities in Higher Education, while enrollment continues to grow in some parts of the country, student numbers in general have flattened, if not declined. However, prior to the 2008 recession, student enrollment was booming.

This is problematic in that a building takes an average of five years from feasibility to occupancy. The building projects stemming from the enrollment boom have led to campus space growing more than 10 percent since 2007. Now in the present, many universities have found themselves with overhead disproportionate to current tuition and fees.

A recent article, published in American School & University magazine, tackled the questions surrounding this challenge and gave further insight and advice on how to best utilize data to confront this dilemma. To learn more on how to optimize campus space utilization, click here to read the article “Build Your Business Case”.