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An Industry Need for Efficiency

Before the telephone there was the telegram. Before email there was snail mail. Before the instant message there was the phone call. None of these innovations came about on a whim. They were direct responses to a need, a need for efficiency. And just how RSMeans Online was our response to an industry need for efficiency, we have taken the next logical step: Alerts.

Changes in the market directly impact construction costs. Accordingly, RSMeans continually tracks and researches material, equipment and labor costs with particular emphasis placed on those of a highly price-volatile nature. Now with the new Alerts add-on feature, RSMeans Online users will be able to know that a price has changed the moment we do.

It’s simple. Once users create a custom set of alerts specifying construction material, equipment and/or or labor of their choosing, a notification is sent when a change in pricing has occurred. 

With the Alerts Creation Wizard, users can set up notifications to be sent via email and/or within the RSMeans Online web application. The frequency of notifications can further be customized to: daily, monthly, quarterly or annually.

Stay ahead of the competition and learn more about Alerts here.