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4 Construction Trends to Keep Your Eye On

Life moves fast nowadays, a reality which the construction industry is by no means exempt. Over at RSMeans we appreciate this reality, so here’s a brief glimpse into a few current industry trends we feel worthy of taking note.

1.    Future enabling

Modern times means rapid advancement. While it’s impossible to predict exactly what innovations the future will hold, it is possible to design a more malleable space. Down the line when inevitable advancements do occur, this now adaptable space can have the capacity to save time and money as opposed to requiring a demolition and a fresh start from the ground up.

2.    Green building

“Green” is here to stay and as advancements in this field become increasingly affordable, it has become an exciting time to be in construction. From solar power to low-flow fixtures to sustainable building materials, embracing this trend sooner than later will have compound effects directly on the bottom line as well as the surrounding environment.

3.    Design for security

Designing with a security focused mindset has extended beyond the obvious buildings such as schools and airports. A building which provides both safety and protection have become the expectation which is why keeping up with the latest in security has become such a paramount best practice. 

4.    Design for consumer demands

With social media giving consumers platforms to reach audiences never before imagined, satisfying consumer demands is more essential than ever before. This goes beyond customer service. It seeps into design as consumers expectations have risen to greater heights. Take hospitals. You would not be faulted in mistaking some patient rooms for hotel rooms.