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Frequently Asked Questions About COVID-19 Modifiers in RSMeans data

We have created a complete list of biohazard remediation line item costs and infectious disease precaution cost modifiers for use in project estimates and plans.

  • There are two categories of construction cost line items : Biohazard Remediation and Infectious Disease Precautions.
  • The Biohazard Remediation line items include the installation of temporary barriers for alternate traffic flow, ensuring social distancing and employee/customer checks and tests.
  • The Infectious Disease Precautions modifiers include adjustments to labor costs that allow the estimator to choose which precautions are required.

The COVID-19 modifiers allow cost estimators to adjust to the specific precautions for each project. Performing daily temperature checks, donning & doffing PPE, washing hands or disinfecting tools and equipment all impact labor efficiency. These modifiers provide a mechanism for cost estimators to allow for those inefficiencies in their project cost estimates.

These line items are included at no charge in RSMeans Data Online and the appropriate Cost Data Book and CD titles. The following titles will have these new line items and modifiers. Please note this only applies to Unit Price Construction Cost Titles:

The line items and modifiers are automatically added to RSMeans Data Online. You do not have to take any action to receive them.

Gordian conducted a survey of contractors, estimators and industry experts on the precautions that are being taken in response to COVID-19 and the time it takes to deal with these precautions.

Yes. However, our approach allows the estimator to decide when and where to apply the infectious disease precaution modifiers.