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  • 44 popular building models available
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Easy-To-Build Square Foot Estimates

Watch how to quickly and easily build your square foot estimates using the Square Foot Estimator for your building type. Project costs up to 3 years in the future.

Building Square Foot Model Types

Community Center

Country Club

Day Care Center

Elementary School

High School

Jr. High School

Office (1 story)

Office (5-10 story)

Apartment (1-3 story)

Senior Living


College Dormitory

Fire Station (1 story)

Courthouse (1 story)

Courthouse (2 story)

Movie Theater



Car Dealership

and more...

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Cost of New Construction

Square Foot Models built with costs for new commercial and residential construction. Available with any online data set at the Complete tier, including the Square Foot Estimator tool.


Construction Renovation Costs

Square Foot Models built with costs for commercial renovation work. Available as an online data set and includes the Square Foot Estimator tool.


For Quick-Reference Square Foot Costs

Quick and easy conceptual estimates based off RSMeans square foot models, without the underlying data or customization capabilities.

RSMeans Online Square Foot Estimating