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Construction Estimating Has Never Been So Convenient

Industry-leading Construction Cost Database Available in a Variety of Formats

Cost Books
Annual cost books have been in publication since the 1940s, providing construction costs for many project types and trades. The various print titles are a standard for quick reference of prices across North America.
Costworks CDs
CostWorks was developed to give estimators an electronic toolset for referencing and manipulating the same construction costs found in our cost books. This is a popular choice for organizations that require shared access be deployed in their own environment.

Construction Industry Trends: Cost and Project Insights

Experts from Gordian and ConstructConnect come together and delve deep into the latest cost trends and factors influencing construction costs across North America.

Why RSMeans Data Online?
Why Choose RSMeans Data Online
Line Item Search
Line Item Search

Find items by keyword, MasterFormat number or browse the catalog by division to locate the material, task or construction cost you need.

Advanced Reporting
Advanced Reporting

Customize the look and feel of your estimate to include the right information in the right order.

Custom Assemblies
Custom Assemblies

Build your own assemblies for custom systems within your estimate and save them for later use.

Work Breakdown Structures
Work Breakdown Structures

Define the structure of your estimate and stay organized while building out rooms or floors. Organize by trade, by room or design your own system.

Build Custom Square Foot Models
Square Foot Models

Create a conceptual estimate fast with an expansive library of existing models you can edit to generate costs for your project’s location.

User Permissions and Sharing Management
Permissions and Sharing

For collaboration in larger organizations, set controls around users and folders where estimates are stored.

North America’s most trusted construction costs 

for more than 80 years.

North America’s most trusted construction costs

for more than 80 years.

Real Talk from RSMeans data Users

Trusted by Architects, engineers, estimators, contractors and construction cost estimators.

"I was asked to prepare preliminary budgets for the renovation of a non-profit’s facility, which allowed them to get the funding they needed for the project.”
Frank Sherman, Principal Architect
Ecotone Design LLC
Budget Preparation & Planning
"When we are considering a new market to develop, RSMeans data is our source for determining the costs relative to other markets where we have historical costs available."
Michael Dyer, Director of Planning
Tri-C Construction Company
Market Research
“We expanded our RSMeans data library to include remodels and interior design which has helped in our expanded services to clients, particularly with remodels and interior work.”
Jason Egeline, VP
CWG Architects
Design & Engineering
"We use RSMeans data to estimate MEP Infrastructure costs for construction and it has been extremely accurate at providing realistic budget pricing that we can trust and use to help our clients plan spending."
Eric Wright, Mechanical Engineer
PTA Engineering
Cost Accuracy
"We cost out projects on a daily basis using RSMeans data and we find it to be accurate and reliable."
Taber Midgley, Engineer III
EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc., PBC
Proven Reliability
About RS Means Construction Cost Database

RSMeans data: Construction Costs You Can Rely On

RSMeans data is used by construction professionals to create budgets, estimate projects, validate their own cost data and plan for ongoing facilities maintenance. Localized, accurate and complete, RSMeans data is the construction industry standard.


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