Facilities Maintenance & Repair Estimating

This two-day course teaches attendees how to plan, budget, and estimate the cost of ongoing and preventive maintenance and repair for existing buildings and grounds.

There are more than 10,000 maintenance, repair and preventive maintenance tasks for all types of facilities. With advances in telecommunications, computers and other workplace technologies, the list is growing rapidly. In a downsized, fiscally conservative environment, facilities are seen as vital capital assets that affect employee productivity. The demands for technical expertise, and cost-effective plant operations have increased dramatically.

Using data developed in cooperation with the Army Corps of Engineers and Applied Management Engineering, this course teaches the most financially favorable maintenance, repair and replacement estimating for virtually every building system. Attendees learn step-by-step proven methods for auditing facilities; for preventive planning that helps avoid costly breakdown and remediation; associated equipment, material and crew costing; determining both in-house and contract-out service costs; and assembling all this data into a defensible annual, asset-protecting M&R plan. Practice exercises provide skill-building opportunities.

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Who should attend?
Facility Managers, Maintenance Supervisors, Buildings and Grounds Superintendents, Plant Managers, Planners, Estimators... and others involved in facilities planning and budgeting.

Course Outline
  • Overview of facility maintenance and repair estimating
  • How to use Means Facilities Maintenance & Repair Cost Data and Facilities Construction Cost Data to prepare budgets and estimates
  • How to prepare site, roof, structural, mechanical and electrical M&R estimates
  • How to prepare preventive maintenance budgets and plans for your buildings and grounds
  • How to specify and cost out general maintenance programs, from floor cleaning to window washing to landscape maintenance

Materials Provided
Means Facilities Maintenance & Repair Cost Data
Means Facilities Construction Cost Data
Facilities Maintenance and Repair Estimating Seminar Workbook