Unit Price Estimating

This interactive two-day seminar teaches attendees how to interpret project information and process it into final, detailed estimates with the greatest accuracy.

The single most important credential an estimator can take to the job is "contractor" experience. Without it, the ability to visualize construction in the mind's eye, and thereby estimate accurately, is limited.

This course teaches attendees how to think as contractors do by interpreting the design in terms of cost. Step-by-step instruction and practice problems provide skill and confidence in identifying and tracking the key cost drivers - material, labor, equipment, staging, and subcontracts - for each specific task on any project. Attendees are given the most detailed, time-tested methodology for accurately "pricing" each of these variables, their impact on each other and on total cost. As part of the process, they learn optimal use of Means cost data. Upon completion, attendees will understand direct and indirect costs and have the basis for accurate job cost accounting and change order management.

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Who should attend?
Corporate and Government Estimators and Purchasers, Architects, Engineers... and others needing to produce accurate project estimates.

Course Outline
  • Types of estimates - order of magnitude, square foot, assemblies, unit price
  • Unit price cost estimating - job orientation, quantity takeoff, pricing the estimate
  • Direct and indirect construction costs
  • Overhead cost for typical construction company and development of contractors billing rates
  • How to use Means Building Construction Cost Data - including city and historical cost indexes
  • Estimating General Conditions
  • Detailed 16 Division estimating example with estimate summary

Materials Provided
Means Building Construction Cost Data
Unit Price Estimating Seminar Workbook