RSMeans Consulting Services

RSMeans has been a longtime provider of construction cost estimating data, supplying the most up-to-date, accurate and localized versions at your fingertips. But what about those times when you need data customized for your business? RSMeans leverages its deep commercial cost data research experience to perform a broad range of customer-specific research and consultations.

Building owners, facility managers, building product manufacturers, legal attorneys, and even insurance firms across the public and private sectors have engaged in RSMeans’ custom solutions to solve their estimating needs. With over 70 years of cost engineering experience, RSMeans offers the skills, knowledge, datasets, and tools necessary to draw insights from the past and confidently forecast and manage the future, providing clients with customized and comprehensive construction cost data.

RSMeans offers:

Design Icon Custom Cost Engineering Solutions 
Knowing the lifetime maintenance cost of your building, how much it will cost to build a specific building model in different locations across the country and the globe, and if the estimate off which you are basing a major decision is accurate are all imperative for building owners and their facility managers. Are you confident that you have the data you need? 
Eye Icon Market & Custom Analytics  
Taking a construction product to market requires accurate market research in order to make critical business development decisions. And once the product goes to market, one way to differentiate your product from the competition is to make any cost saving claims you have to offer. Are your claims validated? Do you trust the research you are using to launch your new product?  
Glasses Icon Legal Resources 
Natural disasters can lead to reconstruction and repairs just as new developments and expansions can lead to issues of eminent domain. In these cases where one party must pay, it is plausible for legal disputes over costs and estimates to arise.  Do you have a credible and objective source to provide expertise and a basis of settlement?


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