Scheduling with MS Project for Construction Professionals

Included with Seminar
A class workbook from RSMeans


In this economy, you have to make the best use of every dollar. And while you cannot control the price of steel or lumber, you can control your most valuable commodity - time. Scheduling with MS Project® for Construction Professionals shows you how to make the best use of Microsoft’s powerful, comprehensive scheduling tool. You’ll learn how - whether you’re working on a multi-million dollar project or something a lot more modest -- MS Project® can help you work better and faster, manage changes and updates with ease, enhance tracking, quickly generate actionable reports, and boost your control of time and budget.

Who should attend?

Taught by the estimating and engineering experts of RSMeans, Scheduling with MS Project® develops essential, timely strategies for enhancing project control. Specifically designed to meet the needs of today’ construction professionals, it’ particularly appropriate for. . .Contractors’ project-management teams, architects, engineers, project owners and their representatives, and anyone interested in improving his or her project planning, scheduling and management skills.

Here's just a sample of what you'll learn. . .

  • MS Project: An Overview. A quick look at what it does. . .and what it can do for you.
  • Your data - key to success. You’ll learn how the comprehensive, up-to-date labor, crew and productivity data in Means CostWorks can save you time and boost accuracy every time you schedule a project. How to integrate with MS Project®. How to customize and adapt Means’ costs. . .and more.
  • Getting started. Easy steps to setting up a project on MS Project®, add activities and durations, and identify resources.
  • Defining task/activity relationships. Discover how much easier it is to link tasks, establish predecessor/successor relationships and create lags.
  • Baseline scheduling. . .the essential what/when. Now you can do it faster and better.
  • Using MS Project to determine the critical path. . .as well as total and free float.
  • Updates, changes, “what ifs? Find out how to easily add information, change working times and dates, evaluate alternatives. . .and more.
  • The dollar-loaded schedule. Enhance the reliability of this “must-know” technique for scheduling public projects.
  • Tracking progress using planned, actual and earned value.
  • Project reports. Discouver how to easily sort information, use filters, and generate informative, actionable reports.
  • Change orders. Integrate them and update the schedule - automatically.
  • How to use what you’ve learned to create a complete project schedule.

What you need to bring to class

  • Please bring a laptop computer loaded with MS Project 2007®. If you don’t already have MS Project® visit and download a trial version. 

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